General Principles

The Faconhost Acceptable Use Policy (hereinafter referred to as “we”) outlines the principles, guidelines, and requirements for customer acceptable use of Faconhost services. We adhere to UK law to ensure network security and availability, protect customer privacy, and regulate other factors affecting service provision.

We reserve the right to implement a set of rules and restrictions to govern the rights of customers using our services.

Any activity in violation of the AUP may result in the suspension or termination of services provided to the customer.

Explicitly Prohibited Activities

Unauthorized access to any computer system for any purpose is strictly prohibited.

The use of forged addresses or intentionally crafted data designed to adversely affect remote computers (including but not limited to Denial of Service (DDoS), worms, viruses, trojans, and ping storms) is prohibited.

Running “port scans” or other software designed to detect, scan, test vulnerabilities of, or access remote systems or networks is prohibited.

Sending or receiving materials that may infringe on copyrights (including intellectual property), confidentiality, privacy, or other rights is prohibited.

Inclusion and dissemination of “hate” materials or content intended to incite hatred are prohibited.

Inclusion and dissemination of illegal or content deemed objectionable by us, such as explicit images, videos, depictions, or descriptions, are prohibited.

Spam, junk mail, and unsolicited commercial emails are strictly prohibited, and we have a zero-tolerance policy for spam.

Engaging in hacking attacks and exploiting security vulnerabilities is prohibited.

Child pornography or any other activities potentially harmful to minors are strictly prohibited.

Fraudulent activities are not allowed.

Invasion of privacy is prohibited.

Infringement of intellectual property rights, including copyright, trademarks, and patents, as well as hosting, using, and distributing pirated software, is prohibited.

Distribution of viruses, malware, or other malicious code is prohibited.

Use of Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is not permitted.

Using false identities or impersonating any individual or entity to order our services is prohibited.

Any form of public Tor / open proxy / anonymous proxy is strictly prohibited.

Pornographic content is strictly prohibited.

Data Security

Customers are responsible for the comprehensive security, protection, and integrity of their content.

Customers are obligated to regularly back up their data (backup copies); backups should be stored outside of the servers provided by us. If data is transmitted to us through the customer’s server, the customer is obliged to regularly back up the data.

Our data storage infrastructure employs comprehensive redundancy systems to ensure that the failure of any individual component does not compromise the integrity of the data. Nevertheless, we do not assume responsibility or liability for any loss of or damage to customer data, as well as any indirect losses resulting from such events.

Investigations and Suspension

We reserve the right to suspend or terminate services and/or delete content for the purpose of investigating potential violations of the terms of this AUP.

Refunds will not be provided for service suspensions resulting from customer violations of the AUP.

Customers are responsible for the use of their services.

Customers are responsible for the security of their data and user accounts.

Reporting AUP Violations

We request that anyone with information about AUP violations report it immediately by sending an email to

Reports should include information about infringing materials hosted on our servers (material names and their domain or IP addresses, etc.).